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5 Ways The Canadian Illuminati Can Make Leaders’ Debates Better

Well, I’ll say this about the Leaders’ debates that took place at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec this week; they brought an overwhelming majority of consensus to the forefront. Unfortunately though, that consensus is… this country needs to drastically improve the way we do Leaders’ debates. From the format of having five parties represented of which two have a legitimate mathematical chance of winning, to the truly inexplicable inclusion of having more journalists and non-journalists asking questions than the already too many candidates, to the choice of a moderator for the English debate who appeared to be a scorned supply teacher hell-bent on interrupting the candidates more than they interrupted each other, this really was the least informative, most impossible to follow Leaders’ debate in Canadian History. Which I suppose at least explains the choice of venue.

"But if, at the outset, we can remind people what brings us together and share a laugh it makes whatever follows more likely to be listened to."





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Best known to hundreds of thousands of comedy fans as the host of The Debaters on CBC Radio One/CBC podcasts since 2007 and The Debaters Live, which has delighted corporate and sold-out theatre audiences nationwide since 2012, there is no debate that Steve Patterson is North America’s funniest and least moderate debate moderator. As a solo comedian, he’s not too shabby either. With over two decades of headlining experience all across Canada and all around the world, Patterson packs a well-traveled, well-honed delivery with relentless research to create one of a kind and up to the moment shows wherever he performs.


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Man, I Wish I Could Kick Like A Girl

“…the downfall of humanity may still be a swath of moronic miscreants.”
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“…our women showed the world they work very well together.”

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