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Simone Biles: A mental health champion. With a twist.

This week, American superstar (and borderline superhuman) gymnast, Simone Biles, withdrew from the team and individual finals in the midst of Olympic competition (which I still don’t think should be happening in Tokyo right now) after experiencing a bout of “the twisties” and deciding, for the sake of her own mental health and safety, to not continue. Then, social media went nuts.

"...I can’t imagine what it’s like for an athlete to participate in the Olympics."





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We can’t all blast into space. But we can all do better on Earth.

Re-entering the world through the eyes of a child (and the doors of the mall)

The “2020” Tokyo Olympics: United By Emotion. Doomed by Reality.

“…Bezos couldn’t be further out of touch with the people of Earth…”
“…it was daunting to see a whole bunch of people walking around an indoor space…”
“I’m not saying it’s not the same as previous Olympic games, it’s just totally different and several times more life threatening.”

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