Is it nearly the end of (Daylight Saving) Time?

...B.C. tabled legislation to remain on daylight saving time, but this makes sense, because things in B.C. are worth seeing in the daylight.

This year, as it seems it is every year, the concept of ‘Daylight Saving Time’ (DST) is up for debate. Some people (read people who don’t like change in general or changing analog clocks in particular) are against it. Meanwhile there are those among us who welcome the bonus hour that comes with the “fall back” time change as much as we abhor the “spring ahead” time change where an hour just disappears. Full disclosure, we actually debated this very topic on The Debaters back in 2016 [link to the episode download on podcast or itunes?] and it has also been debated on the floor of the Canadian House of Commons. So it is one of two topics to share this dubious distinction, the other being “beavers versus polar bears as a national icon”. True story.

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