I Want To Know What Art Is. I Want You To Show Me.

...calling an art exhibit “man shovels dirt” would be a tough sell to attract people to.

Yes, this headline was inspired by a Foreigner song from the 1980’s. But this article is inspired by a news story about an artist in Montreal who is currently featuring himself in an exhibit where he “moves sand from one giant pile to another” for a while inside of Olympic stadium and I can’t help but wonder, is this what constitutes ‘art’ now? The exhibit is named “Sisyphe” because it is inspired by the Greek myth of Sisyphus who, according to legend, displeased the gods and was sentenced to a lifetime of pushing a boulder uphill. And also, I imagine, because calling an art exhibit “man shovels dirt” would be a tough sell to attract people to. Although given the extended breaks construction crews take on any given day, it may actually have been a better name.

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